My name is Brandon Dupont and I have been photographing people, places, and things for the past 6 years.  I spent most of my adult life in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer and gym owner. It wasn't until a few years back I found my true passion of photography. 


After a bad car accident crushed my hopes of becoming the top obstacle racer in the country I turned my drive and ambition to photography. I fell in love with shooting the ocean, landscapes, people and beautiful buildings.  It was one of the best moves I ever made and sparked something in me I never knew I had, an artistic side. 


Over the past few years Epic Shoots Photography has become the leading photography services for real estate agents and designers. We have worked with thousands of real estate agents, fortune 500 companies, countless models and actors, and have done commercial work for some of the biggest names in marketing today. 


I am not one to talk about myself much, so with that being said take a look around the site and shoot me an email with any questions you may have about making your next photo project EPIC!


- Brandon


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